Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bravo Charlie Radio?
Also known as BCRLiveStream, it’s aim to act as a hub for HAM Radio Operators, and Shortwave Radio Listeners, providing a snapshot of what’s happening in the world of radio, 24 hours a day, and to a worldwide audience. Bravo Charlie radio and its associated platforms are owned and managed by HAM Radio station, MW6JUY.

Is Bravo Charlie Radio a bot?
A bot is a lot of different things, some good, some bad. The important thing to consider is what the automation technology, or bot, is being used for. In terms of Bravo Charlie Radio, we do use automation technology to find and repost things we think will be of interest to our audience. However, DO NOT harvest user identities / personal data, other than to say that ‘this person (or entity) said this’ – that’s it. We have no particular interest in your personal data. The aim is to better connect and inform people with an interest in radio, and promote the hobby to people who maybe never gave it much thought.

How does Bravo Charlie Radio make money?
The simple answer is, it doesn’t. This was started as a hobby by MW6JUY and remains so to this day. If anyone has ideas to monetise the service, but without any negative impacts on its users, feel free to get in touch.

How do I stop Bravo Charlie Radio from reposting my stuff?
Bravo Charlie Radio only reposts items that are in the public domain, just reply to the post in question and say something like, ‘hi, please don’t repost my stuff’ – we will act quickly to ensure that we comply with your request.

Why did the @mentions get removed from my post?
Although Bravo Charlie Radio would very much like to @mention the author of the original item in it’s reposts, so that the author would at the least get a notification, but unfortunately Twitter doesn’t like this. As an alternative, Twitter suggested the use of hashtags instead, and this is the approach we have adopted.

How do I get my posts noticed by Bravo Charlie Radio?
Bravo Charlie Radio searches the globe for interesting and useful information about radio 24/7, but this is mostly automated, and fine tuned for the best results. To get noticed, simply use appropriate #hashtags with your post, feel free to include images (although only one image will be published per post at,) and if you want to highlight a web address make this the last thing in your post. All reposts are at the discretion of Bravo Charlie Radio entirely, we make no guarantee whatsoever. Any mis-use / abuse will be dealt with quickly and effectively, no correspondence on the subject will be entered into.

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