Radio Reviews

Bravo Charlie Radio is the hub for HAM Radio, Shortwave, and random radio oddities, and we’re starting to put together a new feature. We would like to offer visitors to this website, and our friends on social media, honest-to-goodness reviews from real-world radio owners like you.

To submit a review of your radio

Your review can be about any radio, new or old, from handheld shortwave radios, to serious HAM Radio gear. Please sign-in/register and then choose Radio Reviews >>> Review a Radio in the main navigation bar above, (see image below, this option is not visible when you’re not signed-in.)

It will take you about 5 to 10 minutes to complete a questionnaire, and you’ll have the chance to include up to 250 of your own words. Where appropriate, please be sure to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation as your review cannot be edited once it has been submitted, thanks. Once your review has been approved , you’ll get a notification here at, so be sure to come back soon to check the status of your review. It usually takes about 48 hrs, but can sometimes take longer.