An owner review of the TRIO TS830S
by Neil Whitham (G4SEN)

The TS830S despite being nearly 40 years old is still a benchmark for the performance of other, newer radios to aspire to. It has an excellent front end, a very sensitive receiver, which when combined with the 830 features of Notch Filter, IF Shift and VBT enable the operator to tune into even the faintest of signals. The unit’s Notch Filter was a ground-breaker when it was introduced and still holds its own today.

The audio quality of the 830S receives praise almost daily and when used with the optional desk mic of the day, the MC50, gives excellent results combining effective ‘punch’ for dx work whilst maintaining a very pleasant audio for local work. The mic processing is easy to use and to obtain the correct balance without over-driving by careful attention to ALC meter and using the monitor control.

For newer users, or those lacking the experience of tuning Drive/Load/Plate don’t worry about it too much. After a few practice runs it is straight forward and surprisingly quick. The rewards, once the unit is tuned correctly, quickly become evident; the sweet receiver, ability to filter out much of the unwanted noise levels are a joy!

Aesthetically the TS830S is a real beauty in the shack, more so if you can pick up matching a matching speaker, ATU, external VFO or Station Monitor!

There’s still a few for sale – if you find a good one buy it!”

About the radio…
The TRIO TS830S base station is great in general terms, and exceptional value for money, Neil has told us. Neil believes the radio is aimed mostly at the enthusiast, with an great range of settings and features. He thinks this radio is exceptional in terms of quality. Neil purchased the radio pre-owned for 300 £ from a private seller in 2012. He believes the radio was manufactured in 1981. Neil says that this radio operates in the following modes: USB,LSB,CW. It also operates on the HF / Shortwave frequency bands, and that the TRIO TS830S base station isn’t a Software Defined Radio / SDR. He uses a HAM Radio antenna for this radio.

Radio: TRIO TS830S base station

General Opinion: great
Value for Money: exceptional
Price Paid: 300 GBP pre-owned
Year of Manufacture: 1981
Operating Modes: USB,LSB,CW
Operating Bands: HF / Shortwave
Software Defined Radio: This radio isn’t an SDR.
Features and Settings: great
Overall Quality: exceptional
Power Output (Watts): 100
Power Source: Mains

Antenna Used…
Type: a HAM Radio antenna
Detail: GAP Challenger and Home Brew

Ratings (%): Usability 80. Features 80. Looks 100. Performance 90. Price 90.

About the reviewer…
Neil was born in 1960 and lives in the United Kingdom. He first became interested in radio in 1981 through CB Radio, and is a member of the following radio clubs / societies: None. He is a licensed HAM / Amateur radio operator. (G4SEN) Neil’s favourite radio ever is this radio!. More information is available at Neil’s profile page:

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