Twitter FAQ

IMPORTANT – If you interact with @BCRLiveStream on Twitter, or if any of your tweets have been reposted by BCRLiveStream, here’s a few things you should know – we do this here because it’s difficult to explain fully on the Twitter platform. Please read at least the first Q/A below, that’s the most important, and most commonly asked question!

Q // Can I interact with the original author of a Radio Chatter tweet?
A // Absolutely, and we positively encourage you to do so. However, because Twitter doesn’t like the way BCRLiveStream works, (we post a lot of external links that takes your attention away from the main Twitter website / application,) so they won’t let us include @mentions in Radio Chatter tweets. Whilst we love getting likes and retweets, we suggest that you ‘Quote’ or ‘Comment’ instead, but @mention the original author in either case. Twitter doesn’t mind you doing this, they just have an issue with BCRLiveStream automating it. To @mention the original author, type (or cut and paste) the first #hashtag from any Radio Chatter tweet, but replace # with @ – the first #hashtag of any Radio Chatter tweet is always the account name of the original author, as below.


Note: On Twitter, to ‘Quote’ a tweet, click the ‘Retweet’ option, but add a few words / hashtags of your own – and don’t forget to @mention the author as described above.

Alternatively, the quickest, and easiest way to get to the original author of a Radio Chatter tweet involves just two clicks. First, click on the link that takes you to – this is usually the image part of the tweet, but this sometimes appears as text only:


This will take you to the version of the post at the Bravo Charlie Radio website. second, click the author link at the top of the post, this will take you directly to the account that posted the original.


Also, we have no control over this as it depends on the data that feeds through to us via Twitter, some Radio Chatter posts also include a link not only to the account of the author, but also directly to the original tweet.

Can I do it in just one click…? Where a link to the original tweet is included in the Radio Chatter post, it’s also included on Twitter. You can do it in one click as in this case you do not need to visit the post at

Q // Why is BCRLiveStream doing what it’s doing?
A // There’s one simple aim, to spread the word, far and wide, about how cool, interesting, and challenging radio as a hobby can be.

Q // Is the BCRLiveStream account a bot?
A // The Bravo Charlie Radio website, Twitter and Facebook uses automation technology to find and repost the latest radio chatter from social media, and to post SOTA/IOTA alerts. However, all automated activity is closely monitored and moderated by a real human being. So, more cyborg than bot, if you must give a scary name.

Q // Is there a real person pushing the buttons at BCRLivestream?
A // Absolutely, automated content is heavily filtered and constantly monitored, mostly by @MW6JUY. This is a big task, if you would like to help out with moderation, or even by contributing posts, that would be awesome, (We really could use a volunteer Space Weather editor / contributor if you’re interested,) get in touch via the form below.

Q // Is the BCRLiveStream account stealing / copying other people’s tweets?
A // Not really, Radio Chatter tweets are reposts of ‘public’ tweets, available to anyone, anytime, and we always credit the original author in every Radio Chatter tweet.

Q // Is the BCRLiveStream account stealing impressions (views) / interactions?
A // Radio Chatter tweets have no impact on the organic impressions / interactions of the original post.

Q // Can I stop BCRLiveStream from reposting my tweets?
A // Absolutely, you can block us on Twitter, but we’d rather you didn’t do that. Just ask by commenting on any offending tweet, (your comment must be the same account as the original author) and we’ll do what you ask, no problem.

Q // Will BCRLiveStream keep a copy of my tweet at
A // Radio Chatter posts have a shelf-life of 180 days (approx 6 months). After this period all Radio Chatter posts, and any associated media are automatically deleted. Similarly, the shelf-life for IOTA/SOTA alerts is 7 days.

Q // Can I get BCRLiveStream to delete a tweet on their Twitter timeline?
A // If you comment on a particular tweet, on Twitter, and your comment is the same account as the original author, then sure, just ask.

Q // Why did BCRLiveStream remove all the @mentions when it reposted my tweet?
A // We would love to leave in the @mentions in Radio Chatter tweets, but Twitter won’t let us do this, sorry! – see the first Q/A above.

Q // Why didn’t BCRLiveStream tell me it was reposting my tweet?
A // As above, we would love to @mention the author in Radio Chatter tweets, but Twitter won’t let us do this, sorry! – see the first Q/A above.

Q // Can I ‘Comment’ / ‘Like’ / ‘Retweet’ on the original, and not the Radio Chatter tweet?
A // Of course, on Twitter, click the username #hashtag (described above) of the post you’re interested in. One click will usually find the author’s account. If not, click the ‘people’ tab of the results, and match the hashtag to a username. Once you find the original tweet, feel free to interact in any way you wish.

If you have questions / comments not covered by the Q/A’s above the best way to contact us is on Twitter. If you can’t or don’t want to do that, please use the form below.

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