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Uniden Bearcat UNC355CLT
An owner review of the Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT
by James Pearson-Harris (MW6JUY)

I had a need (desire) for a scanner, mostly in order to discover repeaters as I drive around the UK. I really like the ‘Close Call’ feature of this radio that alerts you to nearby transmissions. It’s easy to use and program, and it can easily be used on your desk or mobile, although I may buy another so I can have both at the same time with no fuss! It also comes with a telescopic and a window-antenna (wire) that is surprisingly good, and all the power options you might need. It was nice that it came with a DC cable, and not just a cigarette lighter plug. All-in-all, early impressions are good, although my expectations are quite low for under £100.”

About the radio…
The Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT receiver or scanner is great in general terms, and exceptional value for money, James has told us. James believes the radio is aimed mostly at everyone, with an good range of settings and features. He thinks this radio is good in terms of quality. James purchased the radio new for 69.99 GBP online in 2018. He believes the radio was manufactured in 2018. James says that this radio operates in the following modes: AM,FM. It also operates on the VHF,UHF,SHF frequency bands, and that the Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT receiver or scanner isn’t a Software Defined Radio / SDR. He uses a pro-grade SWL antenna for this radio.

Radio: Uniden Bearcat UBC355CLT receiver or scanner

General Opinion: great
Value for Money: exceptional
Price Paid: 69.99 GBP new
Year of Manufacture: 2018
Operating Modes: AM,FM
Operating Bands: VHF,UHF,SHF
Software Defined Radio: This radio isn’t an SDR.
Features and Settings: good
Overall Quality: good
Power Output (Watts): n/a
Power Source: Mains / 12v DC when mobile

Antenna Used…
Type: a pro-grade SWL antenna
Detail: 1m Vertical at home / 30cm when mobile (mag-mount)

Ratings (%): Usability 85. Features 80. Looks 85. Performance 80. Price 95.

About the reviewer…
James was born in 1975 and lives in the United Kingdom. He first became interested in radio in 1985 through shortwave / broadcast radio, and is a member of the following radio clubs / societies: @BCRLiveStream. He is a licensed HAM / Amateur radio operator. (MW6JUY) James’s favourite radio ever is SDRPlay RSP2. More information about the author  is available at James’s profile page: bcrlivestream.com/user/MW6JUY

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