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Emergency communication group IECRO are an independent and non-partisan organisation.
Their goal is to have a worldwide register of volunteer radio operators who can be called (See more) upon in times of need.
The organisation has members and associated members in Europe and USA with further linked emcoms groups in other parts of the world.
So what is IECRO?
IECRO is a radio club open to all licenced amateur radio operators.
It is also assisting in the training of new to the hobby members.
The training is currently undertaken by local radio clubs with IECRO members acting as mentors, this is under review to move towards IECRO training members directly.
IECRO provides guidelines and best practice training for message handling protocols with emphasis on brevity and accuracy.

IECRO was founded in 2016 as a group of likeminded operators, its scope has broadened and its vision is to create an amateur radio standard emergency communication protocol that is simple and effective whilst under stress.
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I've been playing with a Raspi and a rtl dongle for the last few weeks.
I have a ADS-B receiver, virtual radar that feeds into flight (See more) aware.
It was plug and play, thanks to Mike Richards G4WNC who sells the microSD cards preconfigured.

Now i have to work on the antenna, at the moment it is the original rtl magmount antenna on a tin can.
It's not tuned or in the best position.

Maybe i should use a tuna can 😛
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MW6GHY just joined the site. Check out their profile.
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